Rent a Yacht

You can send a booking request using the contact form located on our website in the description of each yacht (option “Book”).

You can also consult with the booking manager by e-mail or by phone, WhatsApp or Viber.

To rent a yacht, you need to make an advance payment. The amount of advance payment is from 30 to 100% of the total cost, depending on the type of vessel. This amount is a guarantee of booking the vessel.

Upon payment confirmation receipt, we will make the final reservation of the selected vessel for the specified dates and send a confirmation of the reservation by e-mail.

The remaining amount you can pay, depending on the type of yacht: by bank transfer 5 weeks before the start of the charter or immediately before the start of the charter in cash.

Bank transfer. We will send you an invoice by e-mail with all the necessary details for the transfer . Bank commissions for transferring funds are borne by you. After making the money transfer, you need to send us a copy of the payment confirmation (payment document) by e-mail.

Payment by bank card. We will send you a special link to a secure web page where you need to enter your card details and confirm the payment. After successful payment of the electronic invoice, you will receive an automatic notification by e-mail. The bank commission for transferring funds is 4%.

All bank card transactions are carried out by one of the world’s largest processing companies «Bankart» ( «Bankart» is a contractor of the bank «NLB Montenegrobanka» (, with which we work. This means that your data will always be securely protected and will not fall into the hands of third parties.

Authorization form (SOF form). If your bank does not allow you to pay via the Internet using a bank card, we can pay through the office POS-terminal. To do this, you need to fill out a special form SOF, allowing us to withdraw an advance payment from your bank card. We undertake to maintain the confidentiality of bank card data and store them in our database for no more than one day from the date of booking. At the end of this period, the card data will be deleted;

Other payment methods:

  • Paysend
  • Web Money
  • Western Union

You can cancel your reservation and in this case the following penalty system applies:

– in case of cancellation less than 30 days before the scheduled start date of the charter, the advance payment is not refundable and is retained by us in full.

– in case of cancellation more than 30 days before the scheduled start date of the charter, the advance payment will be returned to you in full.

We can also change the yacht charter date within a 7-day time frame. In case of an agreed postponement, no penalty will be charged.

Renting a yacht for one day means using the vessel during daylight hours. Daylight hours are up to 11 hours, from 9:00 to 20:00.

Renting a yacht for one week means using the vessel for 7 days. Rental start: Saturday, 16:00. Completion of the rental: next Saturday, 9:00.

When boarding a charter, you will need to pay:

  • Security deposit, which is returned to the client after yacht will be back to the owner. The amount of the deposit depends on the type of yacht and is indicated in the description of the vessel.
  • A deposit to cover current expenses while traveling (APA – Advanced Provisioning Allowance). The APA deposit is 20-40% of the rental price, depending on the type of vessel and the duration of the rental. An APA deposit is required to cover the cost of food, fuel, port fees and other additional costs while traveling on a yacht. This deposit is given to the captain just before the start of the charter. At the end of the trip, the difference between the APA deposit made and the funds actually spent is returned to the client. If the deposit amount is spent before the end of the trip, the captain will notify you in advance about the need to increase the deposit. At the end of the trip, the captain will provide you with a full report on the expenditure of funds.

The vessel can be chartered by you and operated independently if you have a license to operate vessels of the corresponding class.

Renting a vessel for self-operating is possible only after prior agreement.