Skadar lake

Per group 150 
  • Individual tours
  • Dinner included
  • On boat

Skadar lake panorama

Skadar lake panorama

Old Turkish prison - Grmozur

Skadar lake panorama

Virpazar is the city on the shores of the Skadar Lake

Traditional fish lunch


If the black mountains are considered a symbol of a small Balkan country, then Skadar Lake can be safely called the heart of Montenegro. And not only because the vast expanses of water and valleys of the rivers flowing into it, the lake, like the circulatory system of a living organism, encircled various parts of the country.
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*Comfortable car for up to 4 passengers.

It was the lands near Lake Skadar that the Slavs, the ancestors of modern Montenegrins, chose for settlements more than a thousand years ago. The cultural heritage of the first Slavic states on this territory, Duklja, Zeta, is sacredly revered by the Montenegrin people. Testifying to a rich past, numerous Orthodox monasteries and churches are located along the coast of Lake Skadar and on its rocky islands. Shrines, combined with stunning views of the lake, hidden in a spacious bed between high mountains, create a unique atmosphere.
The status of a national reserve has allowed the largest lake in the Balkans to preserve the richness of the ecosystem intact. You can appreciate this by taking a walk along the quiet water surface on a small fishing boat. It is not for nothing that the lake is called a bird’s paradise, and its symbol is a majestic and very rare bird in nature – a curly-haired pelican. Keeping in mind the historical significance of these places, we will visit the active monastery of the 14th century, located on the island of Starčevo. After that, you will have the opportunity to swim in fresh water and sunbathe on the sandy beach.
Returning to the shore, on the cozy terrace of the fisherman’s house you will have to taste lunch, the main dish of which, of course, will be fresh fish cooked according to an old national recipe. The hospitality of the fisherman’s family will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of local customs and traditions. And all this in the heart of fabulous Montenegro!

Tour program:

  • old lake city Virpazar visiting
  • boat ride on the lake
  • acquaintance with the flora and fauna of the lake
  • swimming from the ship
  • lunch with freshly caught fish

Departure time: by agreement
Tour duration: up to 7 hours

Entrance to the national park is additionally paid: 3 euros