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The Old Bar

The Old Bar streets

Olive tree with 2000 years of history

Ulcinj - The Old Town

Ulcinj - The Old Town

The longest beach in Montenegro - "Velika Plaža"

Fishing village on the river Bojana


During this exciting journey, you will go to the southernmost resorts of the Montenegrin coast – Bar and Ulcinj – each of which has its own unique flavor and rich history. Wine-making traditions and the culture of cultivating the land came to Montenegro along with the ancient Romans, who were famous connoisseurs of the “drink of the gods”.
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*Comfortable car for up to 4 passengers.

In those days, the first vineyards appeared on the lands of modern Serbs and Montenegrins, and over the years they learned to make excellent wine here – red and white.
On the slopes of the majestic mountains of Rumia, in a small valley by the sea, the city of Bar is spread with dense alleys of evergreens and wide avenues of modern streets. The symbol of Bar is the olive. Olives are really blessed here. Humid sea air wraps its warmth around the coastal areas, and a high curtain of mountains protects the delicate Mediterranean vegetation from cold northern winds. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is in the groves of Bar that the oldest tree in Europe keeps centuries-old secrets. One can only guess how interesting and eventful the life of a two thousand year old olive turned out to be. She happened to become a mute witness of several eras at once: from the civilization of the Illyrian tribes to the antiquity of the Roman Empire, from the heyday of the power of Byzantium to the development of the Balkans by the southern Slavs, from the rule of the Republic of Venice to the three centuries of Ottoman rule…
You can uncover the secrets of the old olive tree by taking a fascinating tour of the open-air museum within the walls of the Old Bar. The most amazing architecture, which, unlike other similar cities, has escaped the fate of the influence of modernity, will allow you to plunge into the ups and downs of the turbulent history of the Balkan Peninsula.
A trip to the city of Ulcinj is no less interesting. The variegation of city blocks, the bustling din in the market squares, the high tops of white minarets – all this gives a unique oriental flavor to the southernmost city of Montenegro. A mixture of two cultures and religions is the main feature of Ulcinj.
After the narrow streets of the ancient fortress, we will visit the largest and at the same time the sunniest beach in Montenegro. The dark sand of the “Big Beach” spreads like the softest carpet under the feet of anyone who sets foot in his domain, for whom neither beginning nor end is visible. Our path to the south is blocked by the river Bojana, bordering with Albania, which, when it flows into the sea, forms a triangular-shaped island as a delta from two branches. Having made a trip on a fishing boat along the right arm, called Ada, I think you will not be able to deny yourself the pleasure of having lunch on the river terrace of one of the many fish restaurants.

Tour program:

  • walk around the Old Bar
  • visit to the nature monument “Old Olive”
  • walk around the Old Ulcinj
  • visit to the archaeological museum of Ulcinj
  • visit to the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas
  • walk along the beach “Velika Plaža”
  • visit to Old Ulcinj salt manufacture
  • boat trip on the river Bojana along the island of Ada-Bojana
  • lunch at a fish restaurant (paid by yourself)

Departure time: by agreement

Tour duration: up to 9 hours

Entrance tickets are paid separately:

  • The Old Bar – 1 € /чел
  • The Old Olive Tree – 2 € /чел
  • The Old Ulcinj –  2 € /чел
  • Boat trip – 5 € /чел