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  • North of Montenegro

Cetinje Monastery

Ostrog Monastery

Dajbabe Monastery


Montenegro is a country with a long history of Christianity existence. The first spiritual monasteries on its territory appeared in the 5th-6th centuries during the reign of the mighty Roman Empire. Once upon a time, it was here that an invisible border between the Catholic and Orthodox churches passed, which left a significant imprint on the spiritual life of Montenegrins, their culture, traditions, and customs.
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*Comfortable car up to 4 passengers.

Modern Montenegro is a multi-confessional state and “a meeting place for three religions”: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Islam.
Excursion “Three Monasteries” will introduce you to the main Orthodox shrines of Montenegro. You will visit the famous Cetinje Monastery with its Christian relics, the mountainous Ostrog Monastery, which houses the miraculous relics of St. Basil of Ostrog, and the picturesque Daibabe Monastery. You will have a unique opportunity to follow the old trail of Montenegrin monks and receive the holy blessing of the spiritual abode.

Tour program:

  • visit to the Cetinje Monastery
  • visit to the Ostrog monastery
  • visit to the Daibabe Monastery
  • lunch in a national restaurant in the mountains (paid by yourself)

Departure time: 8:00

Tour duration: up to 8 hours