Travel agency “DSA Travel”, Budva, Montenegro (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) provides the client (hereinafter referred to as the Client) agency services for the selection and booking of accommodation units in Montenegro. The Client makes applications for the Agency’s services electronically through the Agency’s website www.dsa-travel.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website). By making a reservation, the Client confirms that he has read and agrees to these booking conditions.


The terms and definitions used in these booking conditions have the following meanings:
Accommodation services are the provision of premises and services of a certain category for the accommodation of a specified number of persons.
Additional services are services that accompany accommodation services, but are not included in their price (food services, laundry services, pets, provision of a baby bed, etc.).
Accommodation facility – a facility (hotel, house or villa, campsite, etc.) in which accommodation services are offered.
Accommodation unit – a structural unit (room, apartment, villa, etc.) individually or as part of an accommodation facility that is offered for booking.
Agency – the company “DSA” d.o.o., which has the right to provide agency travel services in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Montenegro number 01-1107/2 dated April 17, 2007.
Client – an individual or legal entity using the Agency’s services.
The owner of an accommodation facility is an individual or legal entity who, on its own behalf or on official behalf, provides accommodation services.
Website is a resource owned by the Agency, posted for public access on the Internet at www.dsa-travel.com, providing information about objects and accommodation units, costs and living conditions, additional services, etc.
Application – the Client’s request, duly completed and sent through the booking form in the description of the accommodation facility (the “Book” option on the Website).
Reservation – reservation by the Client of one or more accommodation units.
Voucher is an official document from the Agency confirming the Client’s booking of accommodation services in Montenegro.


When describing accommodation facilities and services on the Website, the following designations are used.
Hotel is an accommodation facility with furnished rooms or apartments of a certain category, registered to a legal entity.
A private sector facility is an accommodation facility with furnished rooms or apartments of a certain category, registered to an individual.
A room is an accommodation unit containing one or more rooms and a bathroom. Rooms may have a shared bathroom or kitchen (this is further indicated in the description on the Website). In the same building with the number there may be other rooms and apartments, as well as an apartment where the family of the owner of the accommodation facility lives.
Apartment is an accommodation unit containing one or more rooms, a kitchen and at least one bathroom. In the same building as the apartment there may be other apartments and rooms, as well as an apartment where the family of the owner of the accommodation facility lives.
Apartment (studio) is a type of apartment in which the bedroom and kitchen are located in the same room. Has its own bathroom. In the same building as the studio there may be other apartments and rooms, as well as an apartment where the family of the owner of the accommodation facility lives.
Villa (cottage) is an independent accommodation unit containing one or more rooms, a kitchen and at least one bathroom. There are no other guests or home owners staying in the villa.
Tourist tax is a state tax levied on persons arriving in the territory of Montenegro for tourism purposes. The amount of the tax is set by the government authorities of Montenegro before the start of the tourist season; its amount is usually around one euro per day per adult. There is no tourist tax for children under 12 years of age; for children between 12 and 18 years of age the tax is paid in part. The transfer of the tourist tax to the account of government agencies and the registration of the tourist at the place of residence is carried out by the owners of the accommodation facilities.

In the description of accommodation facilities, floors are indicated according to the Russian classification (plus one floor compared to the European one). The number of rooms is indicated taking into account all bedrooms and living rooms. The number of beds for the specified accommodation facility is indicated as the maximum possible at the current cost. Some properties can provide extra beds for a fee.

The rating of accommodation facilities indicated by the Agency on the Website in the form of a number of stars is the Agency’s own assessment and may not coincide with the generally accepted classification.

The description of accommodation facilities can include both specific accommodation units and types of accommodation units with certain parameters. In the latter case, photographs of accommodation units when making a reservation are indicative only.

By default, properties listed on the Website have the following check-in and check-out policies. In private sector properties, check-in is carried out from 14:00 on the day of arrival, and check-out is until 10:00 on the last day of stay. Hotels apply generally accepted standards: check-in – from 14:00, check-out – until 12:00. Keys to the booked property are issued at the property itself by the owner or his representative. If the property has different rules, this information is indicated in the property description.


The settlement currency is euro. Prices on the Website are inclusive of VAT. Directly when making a reservation, it is necessary to clarify the relevance of prices, because… they can be changed by the owner of the accommodation.
When booking accommodation services in private sector properties for a period of less than 5 nights, the following rules apply:
3 nights – the cost increases by 30%.
2 nights – the cost increases by 50%.
1 night – the cost increases by 100%.
In the event that the description of the accommodation facility on the Website specifies other booking conditions for a short period of time, the rules given in the description of the accommodation facility apply.
The cost of accommodation services on the Website in most cases is indicated excluding tourist tax (this information is indicated in the description of the accommodation facility). Payment of the tourist tax in such cases is made in cash directly to the owner of the accommodation facility on the day of arrival.
The prices indicated in the descriptions of accommodation facilities refer only to accommodation services. Utilities are included in the price. Additional services not included in the cost of accommodation services (this information is indicated in the description of the objects) are ordered and paid separately. Some additional services must be agreed upon with the Agency, ordered and paid for when booking an accommodation unit (for example, the provision of an extra bed or accommodation with a pet). If the Agency does not have data on prices for additional services, the Client agrees on the cost upon arrival with the owner of the accommodation facility.
In some properties, upon arrival, the Client must pay in cash to the owner of the property a refundable deposit in case of damage. Information about the mandatory payment for additional services and the existence of a deposit is indicated in the description of the accommodation facility on the Website.


Reservation requests are made in the electronic form offered on the Website in the description of each accommodation facility (the “Book” option). When submitting an application, the Client must fill out all the fields specified in the electronic form. If the guest cannot independently choose an accommodation facility that meets his wishes, he can contact the Agency for help. Requests are sent to the email address booking@dsa-travel.com Each request must clearly contain the main criteria on the basis of which the Agency can prepare an offer (dates of stay, preferred location, number of people and their age, as well as additional requests). If necessary, the Client can consult by phone, Skype or Viber, but all booking requests must be sent by email. After making a final decision on the reservation, the Client must submit a formal reservation request (“Book” option).
Applications are also accepted at the Agency’s office. In this case, the Client must provide all the necessary information required when drawing up the application.


Advance or full prepayment is required to book accommodation services. This information is provided in the property description on the Website. The amount of the advance is indicated as a percentage and is calculated from the total amount for the stay, including the Agency’s booking services. When booking accommodation services for one night or in the case where the total amount for accommodation is less than 100 euros, full prepayment is required. For Clients who require a visa to enter Montenegro, the minimum advance amount is 30 percent. The exact amount of the advance payment is indicated in the prepayment invoice.
By paying in full or making an advance payment, the Client confirms that he has familiarized himself with all the characteristics and conditions under which the selected accommodation services are offered. By accepting full payment or advance payment, the Agency confirms the Client’s booking of the selected accommodation services.
Booking proceeds as follows:
– To open an invoice, the Client must provide the first and last name (in Latin letters as in the international passport) of the individual or international details of the legal entity on whose behalf the payment will be made. The client is sent an invoice indicating the amount of payment. The invoice is sent by email.
– Further actions depend on the payment method. The agency offers the following payment methods: bank transfer, payment by bank card.
Bank transfer. The details required for the transfer are indicated in the invoice or can be sent additionally. Bank commissions for transferring funds are borne by the Client. After making a transfer, the client immediately notifies the Agency about this in any convenient way (telephone, Viber, Skype, e-mail). On the same day, the Client must send a copy of the payment confirmation (payment document) by email or fax. Upon additional request from the Agency, the Client must send SWIFT (a document confirming the successful sending of funds);
Payment by bank card. The client is issued an electronic invoice in the form of a special web page. Having opened the web page, the Client enters all the necessary data and confirms the payment. After successful payment of the electronic invoice, the Client receives an automatic notification by email. A bank commission for transferring funds via the Internet in the amount of 4% falls on the Client.
On the Agency’s website, all plastic card transactions are carried out by one of the world’s largest processing companies “Bankart” (www.bankart.si). “Bankart” is a contractor of the bank “NLB Montenegrobanka” (www.nlb.me), which serves the Agency. This means that the Client’s data will always be reliably protected and will not fall into the hands of third parties. The agency does not store or use card data.
If the Client’s bank does not allow payment via the Internet using a plastic card, DSA Travel can make payment through a stationary office terminal. Bank commission for payment through a payment terminal of 2.5% falls on the client. After a successful transaction, an Agency employee immediately notifies the Client about this in any convenient way (phone, Viber, Skype, e-mail). The agency undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of bank card information and store it in its database for no more than one day from the date of booking. At the end of this period, the card data will be deleted;


The Agency reserves the right to replace the accommodation unit booked by the Client with an alternative one of equal or higher category (without increasing the cost of services). In this case, the Agency immediately notifies the Client of the changes that have occurred. If the Client does not agree to an alternative accommodation unit, the Agency will return the funds paid by the Client.
The Client has the right to change a confirmed reservation only if the Agency can make this change. Changing a reservation involves changing: the accommodation unit within the accommodation facility; booking period; number of people; ordered additional services; as well as replacing persons registered for accommodation in a voucher. Requests to change your reservation must be made by email.
If the Client wishes to cancel a reservation, he must do so in writing by email. In case of refusal, the advance payment for accommodation services will not be returned to the Client. The exception is hotels, which have their own penalty systems for refusal.
If the Client refuses accommodation services during the period of their use, then he loses the amount paid for the services.
The Client’s replacement of a booked accommodation unit with another (in a different accommodation facility) is considered a cancellation of the reservation, in which case the corresponding cancellation policy will apply.
If the Client refuses the reservation, but proposes another Client for the booked services, the Agency will only charge the costs associated with changing the necessary documentation (30 euros).
Cancellation of a reservation due to illness or hospitalization of the Client before or during the use of accommodation services is not grounds for the return of funds paid to the Agency.
If the Client does not show up at the accommodation facility before 24:00 on the day of arrival, without first notifying the Agency of the late arrival, the reservation will be considered canceled on the day of arrival. If the owner of the accommodation subsequently accepts other guests, the Client is not entitled to the provision of the reserved accommodation unit and to a refund of the amount paid.
If the Client fails to arrive at the accommodation facility by 12:00 pm on the second day of the booking period, the owner of the accommodation facility has the right to accommodate other guests. If after the specified time the owner of the accommodation keeps the Client’s reservation until his arrival, payment is made for all days of the reservation.


The agency is obliged:
– Provide the Client with reliable information about the proposed objects and accommodation units.
– Respond to the Client’s request.
– Make a reservation according to the parameters specified in the Client’s application.
– Provide the Client with the documents necessary for the reservation procedure (invoices, vouchers, etc.).
– Notify the Client in case of changes in any of the parameters of the reservation made.
– Ensure that the Client receives the reserved services on site.
– Take care of the interests and rights of the Client when using the booked accommodation services.

The Agency reserves the right to change the prices or booking conditions indicated on the Website without notifying the Client. If the cost of services or booking conditions are changed after issuing an advance payment invoice to the Client, the Agency guarantees to the Client that payment will be made according to the original conditions. If the Agency reduces prices on the Website after invoicing the Client, the Client will not be entitled to a corresponding reduction in price.

The client is obliged:
– Provide the Agency with the data necessary for the reservation procedure.
– Provide the Agency with information that may affect the possibility and cost of providing services by the owner of the accommodation facility (accommodation of an additional person, accommodation with a pet, etc.)
– Pay for booking services, accommodation, as well as additional services in accordance with the calculations and deadlines specified by the Agency.
– Notify the Agency of any changes in the parameters of the reservation made.
– Comply with the visa regime, customs, currency and other legislation of the Republic of Montenegro, as well as third countries through which it is moved.
– Carry with you valid documents confirming the identity of all guests checking into the reserved accommodation unit.
– Present a copy of the voucher if requested by the border guards of Montenegro or transit countries, as well as the owner of the booked accommodation facility.
– Comply with the rules established for guests at the accommodation facility and maintain correct relations with its owners.

The Client has the right to demand that the Agency provide high-quality booking services.
The client has the right to use a copy of the voucher to obtain a visa at the place of request.


The parties (Agency and Client) are responsible for compliance with the rules described in these booking conditions.
The agency is responsible for the quality of services for the selection and reservation of accommodation units.
The agency is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the owner of the accommodation facility. All claims regarding the quality of the service must be submitted directly to the owner of the accommodation facility. The client can contact the Agency for help in resolving problems that have arisen. In this case, the Agency can act as an intermediary in resolving problems between the Client and the owner of the accommodation facility.
The agency is not responsible for adverse weather conditions, the type of beach, its cleanliness, the cleanliness and infrastructure of the accommodation site, the cleanliness and temperature of the sea, and for all situations and incidents that may cause displeasure (e.g. local problems with water supply, problems with sewerage, traffic jams, theft or damage to property, etc.).
The Agency is not responsible for the safety of the Client’s personal belongings on the premises of the accommodation facility. To complain about missing personal belongings, the Client must contact the owner of the accommodation facility or the nearest police department.
The Agency is not responsible for changes and failure to fulfill obligations caused by force majeure circumstances in the territory of the Client’s country or in the territory of the country where the service is provided (military actions, unrest, strikes, terrorist attacks, extreme natural disasters, etc.), the consequences of which were impossibility of providing the reserved accommodation unit. In this case, the prepayment made is not returned to the Client, and it is also impossible to transfer the prepayment to an alternative accommodation unit that the Client would like to book in another place or in another period.
The Agency is not responsible if the Client is refused a visa of any type or if the Client is denied entry into Montenegro.
The client is responsible for the accuracy of the information he provided when booking.


The Client has the right to make complaints only about the inaccuracy of the information announced about the booked accommodation unit, unless the real situation is in favor of the Client. The Client waives complaints about all facts about which there is information on the Agency’s website or about which the Client was warned by the Agency.

The Agency and the Client strive to resolve all disagreements through negotiations. If it is impossible to reach a mutual decision, the dispute is referred to the competent court in Montenegro. All provisions not expressly stated in these booking conditions are subject to the current laws and regulations of Montenegro.

The Client provides his personal data voluntarily. This data is necessary when booking services and for further communication between the Client and the Agency. The Agency undertakes to keep this information confidential and not provide the received data to third parties. The Client consents to the use of personal data for the Agency’s marketing purposes.