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Montenegrin hotel “Aman Sveti Stefan” among the most attractive in the world

01.05.11 “The Bible for tourists” the authoritative magazine, “Conde Nast Traveller” included the Montenegrin hotel “Aman Sveti Stefan” in the list of the sixty-five most attractive hotels in 2011

Sveti Stefan

In just a list of hotels there were more than thirty countries from Argentina to Japan. They were all closely studied by the correspondents from “Conde Nast Traveller”.

“Aman Sveti Stefan” appeared before the British journalists as a “luxury tourist complex”, with its chic, huge bathrooms, its highlighted specialist furnished rooms, as well as the fact that they are equipped with the highest technology.

Furthermore the Romantics of “Conde Nast Traveller, noticed the olive trees and the delicate oleander flowers that surround the hotel as well. With the peace and quiet, only be disturbed by the twittering of the birds and the sounds of the boats near the island.

The best time to visit Montenegro’s Hotels from the British point of view is thought to be June or September. The explanation given is that the weather is good at that time and secondly there a lack of large boats from Russia and Italy.

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