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Car rental terms and conditions


1.1. Prices are given in Euro, VAT included.

1.2. To reserve a car, you need to give an advance prepayment of 10-30 per cent of the complete car rental price, but a minimum fee of 50 Euros applies to this condition.

1.3. In the case of reservation canceling less than 30 days before a planned date of car hiring period, advance payment is not paid back to a client and entirely withheld by the agency.

1.4. In the case of reservation canceling no less than 30 days before a planned date of car hiring period, advance payment is refunded to a client entirely. In this case all expenses for money transfers are in client’s charge.

1.5. All cars have maximum insurance- KASKO, which is included in the price of car rental.

1.6. KASKO insurance doesn’t include tire or front window damages.

1.7. KASKO doesn’t provide insurance for car damages caused in a state of alcoholic, drug or other substance abuse, in the case of the car being driven without a driving license or after its

1.8. If necessary, a client can get a child seat (at extra cost). A child’s seat can be supplied with only after advance arrangement with a “DSA Adventures” manager.

1.9. Driving out of Montenegro’s territory is possible only after agreement with “DSA Adventures’”.

1.10. A car can be provided only to a driver who is no younger than 21, and with driving experience of no less than 1 year.

1.11. Minimum time of car rental is 24 hours.

1.12. If a car is returned with a delay of more than 2 hours, the client must pay an extra day’s charge.

1.13. If a car is not returned in time - without warning - the client must pay a fixed fine. Besides, in this case Company “DSA Adventures” has the right to call the police with an application of car not-return.

1.14. Expenses connected with any trip (fuel, car parking, ferries, traffic fines) are incurred at the expense of the client.

1.15. The client is obliged to return the car with a fuel volume equal to that which existed in the car at the time of rental.


2.1. For advance payment a client receives a bill from “DSA Adventures” company.

2.2. To pay the bill, a client has to provide the company with name and surname (in Latin letters like in an international passport) of a person who’ll fulfill pre-payment. A client receives a bill showing an advance sum. The bill is sent by e-mail or by fax.

2.3. “DSA Adventures” company offers its clients the following ways of advance payment:
- payment via the web-site by cards Visa or MasterCard (electronic bill)
- bank transfer
- transfer via payment system Western Union
- payment via Internet-system Web Money.

2.4. A client is obliged to pay a bill within no longer than 3 work days. During this time a chosen car has a status of “pre-reservation”. If a client fails to pay within 3 work days, pre-reservation can be cancelled.

2.5. If, in accord with some reasons, a client needs more than 3 days to pay a bill, he(she) must inform a “DSA Adventures’ “ manager about it in advance, and arrange a payment date.

2.6. After paying the bill a client needs to inform a “DSA Adventures’ “ manager about it immediately by any convenient way, and send copies of invoice documents confirming the payment by e-mail or by fax.

2.7. After receiving the confirmation of payment a “DSA Adventures’ “ manager fulfills a complete reservation of a chosen car, and sends a reservation confirmation to a client by e-mail or by fax.

2.8. The rest of the sum is paid by a client just before a car rental period start in cash or by card.

2.9. Before a car rental period start a client has to give deposit in cash or by card. Deposit sum is set in accord with a car type. The deposit is given back to a client after car return.

2.10. Payment of complete car rental price and deposit via cards Visa or MasterCard is fulfilled only after advance arrangement with a “DSA Adventures’ “ manager.


3.1. Bank transfer

Requisites necessary for a transfer are given in the bill or can be sent separately. Bank commissions concerning money are charged from a client. Having fulfilled a transfer, a client should immediately contact “DSA Adventures” company by any convenient way (telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail). On the same day a client should send a copy of payment confirmation (invoice document) via e-mail or fax. If “DSA Adventures” asks for an extra confirmation, a client should send SWIFT (document confirming a successful payment execution).

3.2. Payment via the web-site by cards Visa or MasterCard (electronic bill)

An electronic bill in the form of a special web-page is sent to a client. This electronic bill is protected by a unique password which a client receives by e-mail together with bill details and information how to open it. Having opened the web-page, a client confirms payment and types the card data. After successful payment of an electronic bill a client receives an automatic confirmation to his(her) e-mail. Bank commission charge of 4,75% for Internet drawing from an account is fulfilled by a client.

Attention! At the web-site of “DSA Adventures” company all operations connected with plastic cards are fulfilled by one of the largest in the world processing companies “First data” ( "First Data" is a master builder of the bank "NLB Montenegrobanka" (, which services “DSA Adventures” company uses. It means that your data will always be completely protected and will never be got by any third parties. “DSA Adventures” company doesn’t preserve and doesn’t use cards’ data.

* If a bank of a client doesn’t allow to fulfill payment via Internet by using a plastic card, “DSA Adventures” company can offer payment via stationary office terminal. For this a client must fill in a special authorization form (form SOF) allowing “DSA Adventures” Company to charge off an advance payment sum from a bank card. Besides SOF-form, a client must send a copy of his (her) international passport (by e-mail, fax) to the address of “DSA Adventures” company. Bank commission for debiting via payment terminal is charged from a client. After drawing from an account from a bank card a “DSA Adventures’ “ manager immediately informs a client about it via any convenient way ( telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail). “DSA Adventures” company is obliged to keep privacy of bank card data and preserve it in its data base not longer than 1 day from the moment of reservation execution. After this time period the data is deleted.

3.3. Transfer via the payment system Western Union.

A client transfers money to the name of a manager of “DSA Adventures” company. (The passport data is given separately). The city of transfer destination is Budva. Having sent a transfer, a client should immediately contact DSA company via any convenient way (telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail), and also tell the transfer control number.

3.4. Payment via the Internet-system Web Money (electronic money)

A client has to give WMID (identification number) of an electronic wallet from which a payment will be fulfilled. DSA company sends an electronic bill for payment. Transfer commission is charged from a client. Having sent a transfer, a client should immediately contact DSA company via any convenient way (telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail), and if necessary- should give the code of an economic transaction favor.

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