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Reservation terms


  • “DSA Adventures” tourist agency, Budva town, Montenegro (further named as DSA company) offers the client its agency services of finding and reserving accommodation variants in Montenegro. Applications for reservation are fulfilled in an electronic form given at the web-site (option “RESERVE”). Having reserved accommodation, a client confirms that he/she has read and agrees with the present reservation terms.


  • DSA charges a fee of 30 euros for services of reservation. This sum is charged for every reservation subject, excluding some cases when those subjects are located in the same villa, hotel, etc.

  • The prices given at the web-site include VAT. If reservation is for fewer than 4 nights, then the charge for accommodation services increases by 30 %. In most cases, accommodation fare doesn’t include tourist tax (see object descriptions). In these cases the tourist tax payment is made in cash to the object owners on the day that said accommodation commences.

  • To reserve an accommodation, it is necessary to make an advance payment of 10-30 % of the entire price for the accommodation, including DSA company’s services. For each variant an exact prepayment percentage is arranged. This sum is a guarantee of a chosen accommodation variant reservation.

Reservation is fulfilled in the following way:
  • For drawing up an invoice, a client has to give the name and surname (Latin lettering, as on an international passport) of the person who will make the advance payment. The client will receive a bill in which an advance sum is given. The bill is sent to the client by e-mail or by fax.

  • Further actions depend on the terms of advance payment conditions. “DSA Adventures” company offers the following payment methods: bank transfer, bank card, Western Union money transfer, and the Internet-system Web Money.

        • Bank transfer. Requisites necessary for a transfer are given in the bill or can be sent separately. Bank commissions concerning money are charged to the client. Having fulfilled a transfer, the client should immediately contact “DSA Adventures” company by any convenient method (telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail). On the same day the client should send a copy of payment confirmation (invoice document) via e-mail or fax. If “DSA Adventures” asks for an extra confirmation, a client should send SWIFT (document confirming a successful payment execution);

        • Payment via bank card. A client has to fill in a special authorization form on our site for payment.

        • Transfer via the payment system Western Union. A client transfers money to the name of the director of “DSA Adventures” company. (The director’s passport data is given separately). The city of transfer destination is Budva. Having sent a transfer, the client should immediately contact DSA company via any convenient method (telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail), and also inform us of the transfer control number.

  • The client must execute an advance payment billed no later than 3 working days from the time of agreement. During this time period, a chosen accommodation variant holds the status of “pre-reservation”. If the client doesn’t execute a prepayment within these three days, the reservation may be cancelled.

  • Having received a payment confirmation, a DSA manager makes a final reservation of a chosen accommodation type and sends a reservation confirmation to the client via e-mail or fax.

  • The rest of the sum is paid in cash by the client after his/her arrival at the place of accommodation. If the owner of the chosen object has the means to charge payment via bank cards, the client will be additionally informed about it.


  • To confirm a reservation, a client must give the data of international passports for all the people arriving at the place of accommodation.
- name and surname in Latin letters
- date of birth
- passport number
- citizenship

  • The Confirmation of Reservation (voucher) is an official document confirming a tourist’s status in Montenegro. A client may use a copy of this document to obtain transit visas ( if necessary) in embassies in other states. Furthermore, the client can show a copy of a reservation confirmation at the airport if Montenegrin customs officers demand it. DSA company is neither responsible nor liable in the case that a client’s application to obtain a transit visa is rejected.


  • DSA company is obliged:
- to provide a client with valid information concerning offered accommodation variants and accommodation services;
- to provide a client with the documents necessary for a reservation procedure(bills, confirmation of reservation, etc);
- to inform a client about any possible changes in reservation terms and accommodation conditions given on the Internet-site of the company.

  • A client is obliged:
- to provide the necessary VALID data for a reservation procedure and accommodation rent;
- to inform DSA company about any possible changes concerning reservation and accommodation rent;
- to have an identity document valid for arriving in The Montenegrin Republic and to stay in its territory;
- to follow the visa regime, the customs, currency and other legislation of The Montenegrin Republic;
- to follow the rules set for tenants at the place of accommodation.


  • DSA company has the right to exchange a client accommodation variant, equal to the previous one or of a higher category (without an increase in accommodation prices).

  • Changes of reservation conditions on the part of a client ( for example, the number of people, arrival dates/ departure dates, or an accommodation variant itself) are possible only in the case that DSA company is able to arrange the changes asked for with an accommodation object owner. Changes of reservation conditions can lead to extra payment on the client’s part. If a client doesn’t agree with the offered changes of reservation conditions, he/she can reject a reserved accommodation in accordance with the positions of part 6 of the present Terms.

  • If a client, for whatever reason, is unable to arrive at the place of accommodation on the first day of the reservation period (up to 10 hours of the second day of reservation period), he/she must inform DSA company about the delay before the start of the reservation period, using any available means. In this case, the client reserves the right of reservation on condition that missed days will be paid.


  • The parties (DSA company and a client) have the right - in the case of force majeure factors - (war, natural disasters, emergency situations, etc) to reject reservations, having informed the other party about it in advance. The information about force majeure factors must be given in writing in accordance with those rules established by the legislation of The Montenegrin Republic or the Russian Federation. In this case, a client is completely refunded with an advance payment excluding the expenses spent on transfers.

  • A client has the right to reject reservation in accordance with her/her initiative. This rejection can be done in writing (via e-mail, fax or letter). In this case an advance payment for accommodation services is not refunded to a client.


  • A rating of accommodation objects given by DSA company at the web-site, in the form of star numbers, is an absolutely subjective indication and doesn’t match a wide-spread classification of accommodation objects.

  • DSA company is not responsible for accommodation object services provided by an owner. A client should assert all possible claims occurring in the process of service execution to an accommodation owner directly. A client has the right to address DSA company for help in possible problem occurrence. In this case DSA company can take the function of a mediator between a client and an accommodation object owner.

  • Upon an advance request, DSA company can provide a client with 3G/GPRS modem for Internet access. This service is possible only in the case of reservation of particular accommodation objects (this information is given in accommodation object descriptions). In this case, a client must pay a deposit of 100 Euros, which is refunded when the modem is returned. The internet payment is fulfilled by payment card activation. Payment for internet service usage depends on the size of final incoming traffic.


  • All disputes, occurring during the following contract terms execution, are solved by the parties (DSA company and the client) by way of negotiation. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, disputes are to be taken to the Major Court of Podgoritsa, Montenegro Republic.


  • If you have decided to spend your vacation in Montenegro and you wish to reserve a hotel room or an apartment, we recommend you do so no later than 3-4 weeks before your planned arrival. This is due to the fact that a lot of worthy and inexpensive accommodation variants are usually reserved long before a tourists’ arrival.

  • We always recommend our clients make an advance payment via European banks (Riffassen, Societe General and others) as these banks charge the minimum commission for money transfers. Other banks, such as Alfa-Bank, VTB24, and Moscow Bank, also offer beneficial conditions for money transfers.

  • Tourist tax is a state tax imposed upon tourists arriving in Montenegro. The tax sum is established by the state organs of Montenegro before a tourist season start; its sum is usually about 1 Euro per day for an adult. Tourist tax is not charged for children under 12 years of age and there is a reduced charge for children of 12-18 years. Tourist tax transfer to the state organs’ account is fulfilled by owners of an accommodation object.

  • In private sectors of Montenegro the time of check-in to a hotel (or an apartment) is considered to be from 2.00 p.m. of the first reservation day, and the time of check-out is till 10.00 a.m. of the last reservation day. However, accommodation object owners can meet the needs of tourists and allow them to check in earlier than the arranged time, and check out later.

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