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Montenegro. Introduction.

Total area: 13 812 sq. km.
Population: 662 000 people
State language: Montenegrin
Official languages: Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Croatian
Currency: Euro
Time zone: Moscow -2 hours (GMT +1)
Capital: Cetinje
Main city: Podgorica

The pearl of the Adriatic coast, Montenegro is located on the most beautiful part of Mediterranean coast line, where long narrow sandy beaches are exchanged with pebbly ones; where rocky transparent sea bays protected from strong winds and white waters, penetrate the mountain massifs which are covered with thick forests and give much admiration. Green pine trees, thousand-year-old olive-tree trunks, palms and all the blooming greenery of the Mediterranean sliding down steep mountain peaks towards sea tides, give the rocky giants a turquoise-black shade.

Among this natural beauty of the coast one can see small cities, resort villages, separate houses and villas looking like rare islands in the cocktail of the blooming coastal flora. 2-thousand-year-old retro and modern hotel complexes, original and at the same time modest private houses and villas, comfortable cafes and restaurants are combined harmonically here. The coastal climate is unusually mild. The whole calm and relaxing atmosphere gives visitors a special feeling of time slowness and nice memories for the future even if the aim of a trip is absolutely business one.

Island-hotel Sv. Stefan Island-hotel Sv. Stefan

Besides lazy lying on the beach, one can entertain him or herself with a great number of different activities from a traditional sea parachute or a motor hang gliding up to interesting trips by a tourist ship or a sea cater along the sea shore. The Greeks and Romans, the Turkish and Austrians, the Italians and, of course, the Montenegrins gave much to the country’s architecture and culture. Coming to this place, you can get great opportunities of visiting ancient towns, Orthodox monasteries, natural monuments and wonderful sea and mountain landscapes.

Children and young people will also find entertainments to their tastes. A lot of sea hills and water games, shore attractions, night youth discos. While getting hungry, you can have a snack in a number of cafes and restaurants located both on the sea shore and in the mountains. Here you can order tasty and healthy vegetable, sea and meat Mediterranean cuisines, traditional European drinks and quite worthy local white and red wines. Few people can resist temptation and not to taste local grapes vodka "Lozovać" and find himself deepened in drunkenness of some glasses of red dry wine called “Black Horse” ( in the Serbian language it’s pronounced as “Vranac”. Local beer is also not worse than lots of well-know beer brands.

View of city Kotor View of city Kotor

For those who prefer extreme kinds of rest, there is diving, rafting- float by inflatable boat along mountain rivers, ascends to the mountains, paragliding, horse routes, -in other words- everything you want. There is no time to get bored here in winter as well: mountain- ski resorts of Montenegro are often called the Small Alps. You can ski or snowboard along ski-slopes even in May, having had a swim in a warm already sea before, and having spent just about an hour or so on a trip to this ski resort.

Those who don’t like sea coast can have an alternative possibility of rest- mountain lakes with clean fresh water, the largest of which is Lake Skadar. The conditions of beach rest here are not worse than at the coast, plus, there is a chance of hunting and fishing here.

One can be really enchanted by kindness and hospitality of local people especially to the Russians and this hospitability creates particularly comfortable conditions for both body and soul relaxation and peace. It’s difficult to find a person who wouldn’t be able to find in Montenegro something to his or her liking. Almost everybody who once visited this country comes back to Montenegro again and again.

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